Primary Care Respiratory Calculator

Please note that the link below to the Java tool is now deprecated.

Significant work has gone into creating a web version of this toolkit which is available on the Australian Lung Foundation website; the link is as follows:

Support still remains for the Java version however further development will not occur.

The Primary Care Respiratory Calculator is a series of tools for use within the context of Australian general practice, inclusive of:

  • Calculating spirometry predicted values,
  • Pre- and post-bronchodilator spirometry assessment and interpretation,
  • Text- and visual-based spirometry assessment,
  • Asthma versus COPD differential diagnosis aid,
  • Fletcher-Peto visual tool for respiratory morbidity, and,
  • Accessible respiratory web resources for primary care.

Note that this calculator is applicable to the Australian context and uses Australian adult normal predicted values.

Launch/Download the Primary Care Respiratory Calculator (requires Java).

Upon clicking the above link, the complete tool will be downloaded to your computer (approximately 9MB in size). You can relaunch the tool by clicking the above link or accessing the tool from the desktop or program menu shortcut created on your computer.

For clinical information regarding this tool, please contact Associate Professor Alan Crockett at the Primary Care Respiratory Unit at the University of Adelaide.

For technical matters please use the contact form.


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Lobster Petting 2.0

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Cardiovascular Risk Calculator

The following cardiovascular risk calculator is congruent with the endorsed Australian methods of determining risk and incorporates the following:

  • Drop down menus which incorporate ranges for variables; per the NPS / NZ Cardiovascular Risk Calculator,
  • Use of absolute risk level of a cardiovascular event in the next 5 years,
  • Grading of absolute risk utilising the NPS / NZ Cardiovascular Risk Calculator grading (mild, moderate, high, very high) and percentage risk value of a cardiovascular event,
  • The use of warning flags which inform a user of the calculator that risk may be underestimated if the systolic BP or total cholesterol exceeds a certain value (systolic BP ≥ 160mmHG, diastolic BP ≥ 95mmHg or total cholesterol ≥ 8.5mmol/L).

icon.png Access the cardiovascular risk calculator (new browser window)