Cardiovascular Risk Calculator

April 2, 2006

The following cardiovascular risk calculator is congruent with the endorsed Australian methods of determining risk and incorporates the following:

  • Drop down menus which incorporate ranges for variables; per the NPS / NZ Cardiovascular Risk Calculator,
  • Use of absolute risk level of a cardiovascular event in the next 5 years,
  • Grading of absolute risk utilising the NPS / NZ Cardiovascular Risk Calculator grading (mild, moderate, high, very high) and percentage risk value of a cardiovascular event,
  • The use of warning flags which inform a user of the calculator that risk may be underestimated if the systolic BP or total cholesterol exceeds a certain value (systolic BP ≥ 160mmHG, diastolic BP ≥ 95mmHg or total cholesterol ≥ 8.5mmol/L).

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